Finally no more leaking ziploc bags when marinating my meats! I use to try to re-use ziploc bags to be environmentally friendly (and save money).. and they would ALWAYS leak on the second use.. I am so happy with these! I have only had them for a week, but they are great so far! Will update review if anything changes.

My favorite thing so far is that after I wash them they do not smell like marinade!! The only thing I wish is that they came in a bigger size so I could marinade more meat at once.

I have been using these bags for a while now and taking them to work and I really love them. They are durable and made with high quality silicone. They serve my purpose very well as I am able to heat up my food, take my sandwich, snacks, nuts and fruit with me to work. They stand up straight and allow me to snack while working on my computer. For someone who does not have many containers, they are great as I can put my food and warm it up in the microwave without having to dirty extra dishes. True time saver for me as I really don't like to do extra dishes. 😄I am also happy to reduce my plastic waste everyday as I used ziplocks frequently. It feels good to help my planet and the environment at the same time.

Great quality silicon bags. I was wondering why the box is heavy with only 6 bags until I opened it. The bags are well made. I will not be surprised if the bags will last a very long time. I have been using them for storing baby foods and vegetables. I like the volume marks although I haven’t used the bags for storing liquids yet.

So happy there are products like these to help avoid plastic waste, these sturdy reusable, no leak bags are absolutely easy to use and clean. I use it to store my fresh cut fruits and salads for work. It's nice to store left over soups and avoid cluttering the refrigerator with these bags.